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Feel the flow of the wind, feel the solitude of being on the top. Experience the thrill of free flight. Glide in the clear blue sky, fly into the fantastic and unbelievable view of the Zabarwan mountains, with views of eternal snow, and the simmering waters of the Dal lake, do realise your dream of flying like a bird ... 



Paragliding is a brand new form of sport flying, which offers perhaps the easiest and most fun way for almost anyone to realise the age-old dream of personal flight.To fly with the birds as they fly. To quietly explore your world from their view.  



People of all age groups can do it. It just needs a heart for adventure. If this is your first time, no worries, no prior experience is required at all. All flights are accompanied by a trained pilot flying with the passenger. Both of them have separate harnesses that are attached to each other to the wing. The Pilot has all the controls and fly’s the glider. The Paragliding harnesses are built for comfort and safety, in-flight they feel more like a comfortable chair. Its the best way to have an experience of pure flight.


Addictive(ad-dic-tive /əˈdiktiv) : very enjoyable in a way that makes you want to do or have something again.

This experiences makes you want more and more, this is why this sport is addictive, the adrenaline that rushes through your body, the feeling of freedom, the view and the sites that you come across makes this activity something addictive. 



We take a 15 min car ride from Harwan uphill to Astanmarg Takeoff Point 2100 ft above the Landing Zone.This is where we begin the unforgettable adventure. At theTakeoff Point you need to complete some paperworks by filling and signing the Indemnity bond and collect your fight pass thereafter your pilot will explain everything to you step by step, so that you’ll be absolutely confident and relaxed.The wind kicks in, it’s coming from the right direction, it’s time to fly.The pilot pulls the glider steadily above your head, checks the lines, turns around... you can feel the air rushing up the slope... a few big steps towards the edge and your feet leaves the ground as you fly away. Just sits back, relax and enjoy the cool wind and great views of the valley.


From the you can take your own pictures or else take our Professional GO Pro Camera (charges extra) to click both Photos and Videos in professional HD quality to share with friends and family. The footage is provided on a micro SD card at the end of the flight. When coming to land just let the pilot know if you want a calm scenic float, or an acrobatic manoeuvre depending on the conditions the pilot will give you some lessons on G forces and thrill you. air you can see the Pir Panjal Range , the Zabarwan Range and get a glimpse inside the Dachigam National Park.The flight offers splendid views of Srinagar city beside the Dal lake and the Harwan and Shalimar Mughal gardens. 

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